Robin Chalas

Robin Chalas

Lyon, France

Backend Developer, Geolid


Symfony Core Team member

Robin Chalas is a member of the community since December 2014.

Projects - 39

  • acl-bundle

    The ACL bundle

  • ansible-role-apt

    Ansible role to handle APT preferences and packages.

  • api-platform

    The ultimate PHP framework to build modern web APIs

  • appcelerator

    Cross platform mobile project using Appcelerator Titanium & Alloy

  • assert

    Thin assertion library for use in libraries and business-model

  • container.js

    Microscopic dependency injection container

  • count-up

    A complete accounting solution written in AngularJS and Symfony2

  • docker-symfony-dev

    :whale: Docker image based on Debian, Nginx and PHP-FPM 7.0 providing a Symfony2+ prod-like environment

  • DoctrineBundle

    Symfony Bundle for Doctrine ORM and DBAL

  • DoctrineCacheBundle

    Symfony2 Bundle for Doctrine Cache

  • DoctrineMigrationsBundle

    Symfony integration for the doctrine/migrations library

  • doctrine-test-util

    Integrates doctrine in your unit tests

  • donations

    Donations application for humanitarian mission, made with Symfony2 / AngularJS

  • fizR

    :bomb: HTML5 Gaming - BomberMan multiplayer - Epitech Project

  • Flask-P2P

    :sound: Multi-rooms WebRTC P2P messaging using Python/AngularJS/WebRTC

  • flex

    Composer plugin for Symfony

  • fluent-symfony

    Fluent configuration for Symfony

  • freq-interval

    Javascript counter continuously incremented to given value in given time.

  • gh-contrib-rank

    A simple script providing the contributor rank of a given user for a given repository (PHP/PhantomJS)

  • git-hooks

    Git hooks for collaborative work on Symfony & other.

  • github-agile-dashboard

    📉 Github Agile Dashboard

  • importer

    Light import library, supports several ORM/ODM and file extensions.

  • keygen

    Key generator for PHPSecLib / OpenSSL

  • L5-blogCreator

    Epitech project : Build a blog creator using Laravel 5

  • lateliermac

    E-commerce website made with Laravel & AngularJS

  • lexik-jwt-authentication-sandbox

    :lock: Symfony sandbox application for using LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle

  • misc

    Miscellaneous resources related to everyday work

  • myMaps

    My Maps built , use Google Map's API

  • myPaint

    Paint web app with CANVAS 2D

  • ng-electron

    Minimal angular app using electron. Fork of atom/electron-quick-start

  • ng-es6

    First sample with AngularJS 1.x in ES6 using Gulp & Babelify

  • ngScafformer

    Form generator like Google Forms built with MEAN Stack

  • RubyOnRails_RPG

    Médieval RPG web app made with Ruby On Rails

  • sfPortfolio

    Portfolio built with Symfony2

  • sfQuiz

    Symfony school project - Create some quiz and fork them !

  • SocketChat

    Chat built with ExpressJS & Socket.IO

  • WebRTConf

    Multi-User Video/Audio Conference App' built with Express, AngularJS & WebRTC

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