Tristan Maindron

Tristan Maindron

Toulouse, France

Web developer, Cozynergy


French web developer (PHP7 / Symfony), Archlinux lover and new technologies enthusiast (Node.js, Golang)

Tristan Maindron is a member of the community since December 2011.

Projects - 6

  • EnseparHtml2pdfBundle

    Html2pdf for Symfony 2 as a service.

  • html2pdf

    Unofficial 'html2pdf' fork (see with Composer support.

  • php-cli

    A boilerplate for php small CLI applications

  • StreamingBird

    A PHP client for the Twitter Streaming APIs inspired from Phirehose

  • thematic-speech

    An experimental library that can be used to determine actions to issue from natural language

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