Pascal Borreli

Pascal Borreli

Oujda, Morocco

Typo Fixer, Les-Tilleuls


CEO of my life, CTO of my localhost, co-founder of my son, Symfony evangelist, impulsive typo fixer

Pascal Borreli is a member of the community since December 2005.

Projects - 66


    18F's main website.

  • 24pullrequests

    Giving back little gifts of code for Christmas

  • 42-protips-2014-conf

    Conférence 42 protips v2014

  • AB

    AB test generator library

  • Adaptive-Images

    Automatically adapts your existing HTML images for mobile devices. No mark-up changes needed.

  • addict

    The Python Dict that's better than heroin.

  • adept-jpg-compressor

    A Bash script to automate adaptive JPEG compression using common CLI tools

  • admin-bundle

    FSi Admin Bundle is complete solution that provides mechanisms to generate admin panel for any Symfony2 project.

  • aidkit

    Laravel Admin Interface Development Kit

  • airstream

    A command line tool for streaming to airplay-devices

  • algoliasearch-client-php

    Algolia Search API Client for PHP

  • algoliasearch-magento-2

    Algolia Search integration for Magento 2.0.X

  • alice

    Expressive fixtures generator

  • altify

    Uses deep learning to caption images in an HTML file and fills out its alternative text attributes with the related caption

  • Amend

    A Symfony Console component helper and command set for updating and upgrading applications.

  • Anemometer

    Box SQL Slow Query Monitor

  • anijs

    Declarative handling library for CSS animations.

  • annotations

    Annotations Docblock Parser

  • annotations-1

    PHP annotations without the bureaucracy

  • ansible

    Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy. Avoid writing scripts or custom code to deploy and update your applications— automate in a language that approaches plain English, using SSH, with no agents to install on remote systems.

  • ansible-modules-core

    Ansible modules - these modules ship with ansible

  • api-doc-parser

    Transforms a Hydra API doc in an intermediate representation that can be used for various tasks such as creating smart API clients, scaffolding code or building administration interfaces.

  • ApiExceptionBundle

    Exception API Bundle

  • api-platform

    Build hypermedia and GraphQL APIs in minutes, generate Progressive Web Apps to consume them.

  • app

  • arcanist

    Command line interface for Phabricator

  • arrow

    Better date & time manipulation for Python

  • ArtBreadcrumbsBundle

    Breadcrumbs made simple

  • ArteHateoasBundle

    This bundle generates cached classes that highly improve the serialization performance of the BazingaHateoasBundle.

  • assert

    Thin assertion library for use in libraries and business-model

  • assez-tic-de-perdre-du-temps-automatisez-conf

    Slides de la conférence "Assez(tic) de perdre du temps, automatisez ! Grrr !" au PHP Tour Lyon 2014

  • athletic

    PHP Benchmarking Framework

  • At.js

    Add Github like mentions autocomplete to your application.

  • atom

    The hackable editor

  • atomic-site

    Source code for

  • atom-lint

    Generic code linting support for Atom.

  • atom-shell

    Cross-platform desktop application shell

  • Aura.Di

    Dependency Injection System

  • Aura.Filter

    Validate/sanitize user data

  • Aura.Framework

    Composes the various Aura packages into a framework.

  • Aura.Http

    HTTP Request and Response tools

  • Aura.Intl

    Internationalization tools, particularly message translation.

  • Aura.Marshal

    A data-marshaling toolset


    Static pages for github site

  • Aura.Sql

    Adapters for SQL database access

  • Aura.View

    A TemplateView system

  • Aura.Web

    Web controllers and support classes

  • AutoLogin

    Faciliates automatic login via a single token for Symfony2's Security component.

  • aws-sdk-php

    Official repository of the AWS SDK for PHP. For more information on the AWS SDK for PHP, see our web site:

  • BadFaith

    php content (emphasis) negotiation. WORK IN PROGRESS

  • badge-poser

    Render some badges for your readme with the packagist information.

  • bashblog

    A Bash script that handles blog posting

  • BeSimpleSsoAuthBundle

    SSO authentication providers (Cas for now) for Symfony2

  • blog

    My personal homepage

  • bolt

    A simple CMS, based on Silex

  • demo

    Demo app for the API Platform framework

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