Ori Pekelman

Ori Pekelman

Paris, France

Co-Founder and VP of Marketing, Platform.Sh


Entrepreneur (Internet Patrol, aSmallWorld, af83, Commerce Guys, Platform.sh), I have over 20 years experience creating technical innovations, primarily large-scale and distributed applications and architectures. Currently working as VP of Marketing for Platform.sh a VC funded startup running an innovative second generation PaaS supported by a Horizon 2020 European Commission Grant. Previously I worked as an independent consultant helping companies and institutions implement ambitious projects involving distributed systems, API strategy and big data. I serve on the board of a number of extremely cool startups and I was previously CTO of a number of companies starting somewhere in the nineties.

In France, I am a promoter and organizer of community activities including the Paris DataGeeks meet-up, the Elixir language meet-up, several dozen BarCamps and the very successful 2009 DrupalCon Paris. I often volunteer as a mentor in startup accelerators and hackathon style events. I am very much an Open source advocate. I don't always code, but when I do, I write Ruby code (well, and some Javascript, Elixir, Python and Golang...).

Ori Pekelman is a member of the community since June 2014.

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