Ala Eddine Khefifi

Ala Eddine Khefifi

Paris, France

Web Architect, Tritux


Software engineer & Web Architect. Symfony Enthusiast and open source passionate.

Ala Eddine Khefifi is a member of the community since November 2011.

Projects - 3

  • NzoFileDownloaderBundle

    The NzoFileDownloaderBundle is a Symfony2 Bundle used to Download all types of files from your server safely and with ease. Features include: Download all types of files from the 'web' folder Change name of the file when downloading

  • NzoGrabberBundle

    The NzoGrabberBundle is a Symfony2 Bundle used to Grabbe all types of links, URLs and Tags for (img, js, css) from any website. Features include: Url Grabber for HTTP/HTTPS Url Grabber for HREF/SRC/IMG types Exclude any type of file by extension Prevent specified URLs from been Grabbed

  • NzoUrlEncryptorBundle

    The UrlEncryptorBundle is a Symfony2 Bundle used to Encrypt and Decrypt the variables in url and links and to provide more security in term of access to your project.

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