Philippe Villiers

Philippe Villiers

Paris, France

Developer, Manymore


Just an average webdev :-)

Philippe Villiers is a member of the community since April 2010.

Projects - 12

  • Backup-Manager

    Versatile yet easy to use command line backup tool for GNU/Linux. Suitable for desktop and servers.

  • BestWishes

    BestWishes is a multilanguage wishlist application allowing users to manage their wishlist and indicate who have bought what to avoid receiving the same gift for Christmas (for example).

  • BitlyBundle

    Bitly API Bundle with logging and profiler. Uses hpatoio/bitly-api as client library

  • crawltrack

    Crawltrack v3 rewrite

  • CrawlTrackBundle

    Crawltrack-based Symfony bundle

  • dve

    Distributed Video Encoder

  • MediaSocialBundle


  • phpcrawl

    Copy of for using with composer

  • php-ixr

    This is a fork of the original Incutio PHP XML-RPC library (IXR) SVN repo hosted on Google Code

  • php-nntp

    Client for communicating with servers throught the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) protocol.

  • Tweetcount


  • tweet-globe

    A simple app displaying the latest tweets on a globe

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