Jonathan Bouzekri

Jonathan Bouzekri

Paris, France

Responsable de pôle, Smile


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Jonathan Bouzekri is a member of the community since July 2014.

Projects - 22

  • angular-gulp-skeleton

    Angular and gulp skeleton with dev and prod environment management

  • aTask

    My first android application : a clean and simple task manager

  • awsome-paa

    This is an implementation of a client for the Amazon Product Advertising API in PHP.

  • certiz

    A PHP application providing training for certification exams

  • ComposerDeployPlugin

    Auto deploy static files with composer in a public document root folder

  • ConfigKnpMenuBundle

    Configure your knp menus with yaml files accross your project bundles

  • datasciencecoursera

    Coursera datascience course

  • docker-dev-env

    My docker files for dev environment with a command line admin tool

  • FileUploaderBundle

    Aggregate some bundles and libraries to provide easy ajax file upload integration

  • FPNTagBundle

    This bundle allows to tag your Doctrine entities easily

  • free-bet

    A PHP application to provide fun betting on sports event in my company

  • hotline-js

    A hotline app to put on any website powered by nodejs

  • html5-css3-js-webgl-test

    Some tests with the following technology : HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and webGL

  • media-collection

    It has been a while since I coded using java. I have a bunch of book and dvd and sometimes I don't even remeber what I have so I decided to create a simple application to manage my media collection. It could have been done easily with a web application. But as I said, it has been a while (since school) since I developed with java and swing.

  • minishell

    A minishell for unix system created during a homework at Supelec

  • OpSiteBuilder

    A factory for one page website

  • PhumborBundle

    A bridge for symfony with the phumbor client from 99designs

  • SculpinDateNavigationBundle

    Generate date navigation block (with pages) in Sculpin

  • SculpinSearchBundle

    Provides search in static site via indextank search engine

  • SculpinTagCloudBundle

    Generate a tag cloud in sculpin

  • SimpleCrudBundle

    Provide simple CRUD administration interface generation

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