Isabel Garrido Cardenas

Isabel Garrido Cardenas

Barcelona, Spain

Senior Backend Developer, Seat:Code


I´m Isa from Madrid, living in Sunny Barcelona 😎 I have two rescued greyhounds and an african grey parrot.

I've been working as dev full time since more than 7 years ago and I absolutly love it. I've wear different hats, sometime fronted, sometimes backend, sometimes fullstack but I my preference is always backend, I've used different stacks, mainly php+symfony but, currently, I'm using kotlin+spring and I really enjoy it.

I've worked in very different projects, from Authorization&User management for letgo to the website and store for BQ

I started using hexagonal architecture some years ago and it's really interesting, a lot of interesting discussions come from that place, also, I worked with Domain Driven Design, Event Driven Architecture, Event Sourcing and CQRS and I was part of one of the teams that develop and mantain several microservices with sync and asyn communication

On a daily basis I work on Pair Programming and I prefer to do everything with TDD

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