Tiago Brito

Tiago Brito

Lisboa, Portugal

Software Engineer, Uniplaces


I'm Software Developer, Web Architect, Open Source enthusiast with experience of working in all fields of software development, including architecture design, development, optimization, debugging, documentation, testing, maintenance.
PHP expert using Symfony 2 framework with Doctrine 2 for MySQL and Postgresql databases.
Created several internal reporting tools for finance area and GIS software using Geoserver and OpenGeo tools.
Using Vagrant with Chef to maintain virtual environments, Capifony for deployment and Jenkins for CI.
Developed and maintained a wide variety of small to medium sized web applications in small teams, mostly using some combination of the Symfony 2 framework, PHP, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Advanced knowledge in HTML, produce standard compliant code and aware of various css tricks.
Occasional contributor to several open source projects.

Tiago Brito is a member of the community since December 2011.

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