Antonio Peric-Mazar

Antonio Peric-Mazar

Split, Croatia

CEO, Locastic


Antonio Perić-Mažar is CEO at Locastic, an agency based in Split, Croatia. Its main focus is to build amazing mobile and web applications for their clients, which range from small startups to enterprise companies from all around the world. For the last 10+ years Antonio has dedicated his time to delivering high quality software solutions for his clients and in 2011 he founded Locastic. In a very short period of time the team grew up and they became very popular in the development world.

In 2012 Antonio co-founded SHIFT Conference, the biggest startup/business tech event in South-East Europe. SHIFT Conference hosted people like Tom Preston-Werner (Github), Steve HUffman (Reddit), Justin Kan (Twitch), Allan Grant (Hired), Des Traynor (Intercom), Tomaž Štolfa (Layer) and many others. More info:,

During the last few years Antonio also focused on sharing his business and development knowledge with Startups and other Entrepreneurs and he spoke on many conferences including:
2011 - Why Symfony2 framework is good choice? (Web strategija Croatia)
2012- Why Symfony2? - ZgPhp Group
2013 - Symfony workshop - Croatia
2013 - Sylius - PHP Conference Croatia
2013 - Symfony workshop - eZSummer Camp (
2013 - few small talks in local user groups
2014 - Building SIngle page application with Symfony2 And AngularJS, PHPDay Verona
2014 - Sylius - PHPDay Verona, unconference track
2014 - Sylius as Ecommerce solution - WebCampLjubljana, Slovenia
2014 - Started Symfony User Group Croatia (
2014 - Building Restful API with Symfony2, PHPSummerCamp Croatia
2014 - Building Single page application with Symfony2 and AngularJS, ZgPhp Croatia
2014 - Mentoring Startups at Shift Conference
2015 - Croatia entrepreneurship conference 3P - how to build a successful company
2015 - Mentoring Startups at Shift Conference
2015 - eZpublish/Php Summer camp - Using Sylius as an eCommerce solution with eZ
2015 - Better Software Italy - A recipe for effective leadership
2015 - Building Real Time applications with PHP - Symfony Camp, Ukraine
2016 - Croatia entrepreneurship conference 3P - why quality services are the most important thing
2016 - Summer Jam Croatia - entrepreneurship conference - how we build and lead our company?
2016 - Symfony Croatia - Using Sylius in production - our experince
2016 - Symfony Camp Ukraine - Maintainable + Extensible = Clean ... yes, Code!
2017 - PHPUK - Drupal8 for Symfony Developers
2017 - Dump Days - Progressive web applications are here!
2017 - Dump Days - Panel discussion: Developers - most wanted profession in the world
2017 - PHPDay Verona - Drupal8 for Symfony Developers
2017 - DEVit Greece - Symfony more in depth with events and services (workshop)

In his free time he is also working on his PhD in Computer Science.

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