Wouter De Jong

Wouter De Jong

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Lead Software Engineer, Amber


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Wouter De Jong is a member of the community since May 2012.

Projects - 38

  • AclBundle

    The ACL bundle

  • AdmingeneratorGeneratorBundle

    (old-legacy) Admingenerator for Symfony2, parse generator.yml files to build classes

  • assetic

    Asset Management for PHP

  • BazingaHateoasBundle

    Integration of the Hateoas library into Symfony2.

  • Behat

    BDD framework for PHP 5.3+

  • bernard-docs

    Website and Documentation for Bernard.

  • bldr

    Awesome Task Runner

  • BlockBundle

    Extends the SonataBlockBundle to integrate with PHPCR ODM

  • BlogBundle

    Provides material to build a blog system with the Symfony Content Management Framework

  • cmf-sandbox

    Base project for trying CMF components integration

  • cmf-utils

    Simple utility scripts for the CMF

  • code-mover

    Library for code migration/refactoring automization

  • code-mover

    Library for code migration/refactoring automization

  • common-documentation

    Documentation for the common Doctrine PHP extensions library.

  • composer

    Dependency Manager for PHP

  • Console

    [READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the Symfony Console Component -- clone into Symfony/Component/ (master at symfony/symfony)

  • console-1

    A usable, beautiful and easily testable console toolkit written in PHP.

  • ContentBundle

    Provides some basic document classes and controllers for modeling content

  • CoreBundle

    Provides some basic helpers for rendering content documents

  • create

    Midgard Create, a generic web editing interface for any CMS

  • CreateBundle

    Integrates create.js and createphp into Symfony2

  • Decres

    A PHP compressor Engine which can support all languages on the world

  • dev-blog

    Symbid Technology Development Blog

  • easy-maps

    This libary making the Google API V3 tool much easier to understand and added some nice features.

  • lampie

    Android app to control RGB-LED via bluetooth

  • OOPbuilder

    OOPbuilder is a console application for easing the creation of OOP applications.

  • PHPbench

    A small libary that tests your code.

  • PHPhulp-Activiteiten-Plus

    Herlaad de content elke 30 sec.

  • snakeMvc

    A fast, dynamic and simple PHP MVC framework

  • wjEDITOR

    A simple editor

  • wjJS

    An simple JavaScript framework. It's totally alpha at the moment, so don't expect very much...

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