Oliver Tischlinger

Oliver Tischlinger

Berlin, Germany

Freelancer, Metabor Softwareentwicklung


I am Freelancer and develop backend-applications in PHP 5.3 / 5.4, Zend Framework and Symfony 2.

Oliver Tischlinger is a member of the community since September 2012.

Projects - 8

  • Cash-Flow

    Library for working with cash-flow, annuity, net present value and interest

  • Chronology

    Library to handle with chronological tables and timetable

  • DoctrineBridge

    Doctrine implementation of the MetaborStd (Statemachine)

  • Heuristic

    Meta-Heuristic library for optimization problems

  • MetaborStd

    Collection of maximal independent PHP Interfaces

  • Start-App

    Symfony 2 Boilerplate For Building Web Applications (based on symfony-standard with integrated bundles)

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