Christian Soronellas

Christian Soronellas

Barcelona, Spain

CTO, Enalquiler Online Rentals


CTO, Extreme Programming enthusiast and Certified ScrumMaster Professional. Proud book author. DDD, PHP, TDD. I'm a passionate web developer who considers himself a continuous apprenticeship learner to a software craftsman. This is why I seek to learn new things every day because I consider this is one of the dynamics that most contributes professionally. I follow agile values and principles. Specially I consider myself closely aligned with Extreme Programming (XP). On the other hand, I believe that to learn new tools and languages helps me to be a better professional. It's for this reason that I'm currently interested to learn functional programming (haskell / clojure), improve my JS skills, deepen about Domain-Driven Design and master TDD.
I declare myself a highly proactive person in continuous professional development, able to involve in any project and add value through ideas, experience, knowledge and what I consider essentially: enthusiasm and good vibes.

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