Rafael Dohms

Rafael Dohms

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Senior Dev, WEBclusive


Rafael Dohms is a PHP Evangelist, Speaker and contributor. He is a very active member of the PHP Community, in the past he helped the Brazilian PHP Community get organized and founded and led two User Groups. His latest investment is the AmsterdamPHP group, founded in 2012 to promote and raise awareness of PHP and the community in Amsterdam. Developer, gamer and lover of code he also hosted Brazil’s first PHP Podcast: PHPSPCast, as well as contributing to well known projects.

He moved to the Netherlands in search of new challenges and is now part of the team at WEBclusive, sharing his passion for quality code and working on new awesome ideas with the team. You can always find him at the nearest Community events, speaking, sharing, talking or just learning from the rest.

Rafael Dohms is a member of the community since November 2011.

Projects - 13

  • aggregatein

    Sample app to group Joind.in talks. Built to test out Silex and Azure.

  • DMS

    Component library

  • DMS-Filter

    Library that offers Input Filtering based on Annotations for use with Objects. READ-ONLY, this is a Subtree Split from the DMS Library, please direct your issues and see more information in the main repository.

  • DMSFilterBundle

    Provides a FilterService in Symfony2 to allow users to implement input filtering in entities using Annotations. This repository is READ ONLY, its a Sub-tree split of the DMS Filter Bundle. Complete repository and issues at: https://github.com/rdohms/DMS

  • DMSMeetupApiBundle

    DMS Meetup Api Bundle. Subdirectory split, pelase go to rdohms/DMS

  • DMSTwigExtensionBundle

    DMS Twig Extension Bundle, leverages Fabien Potencier's extra twig extensions for your website.

  • facebook-testuser-manager

    A manager for Facebook API test users

  • fixthatcode.com

    Website to display coding horrors and how to fix them

  • js-panic-board

    Backbone.js implementation of a Panic Board

  • ManoWars

    Sample code for teaching about Unit Tests and TDD

  • NerdTrack

    A proposta do NerdTrack é simples: reunir todas as músicas e as melhores frases que surgiram nestes anos todos no Nerdcast. O projeto em si é uma oportunidade de estudo do rails por um programador PHP.

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