Philippe Le Van

Philippe Le Van

Grenoble, France

Owner, developper, Kitpages


Gérant de la société (Grenoble, France)

Développement PHP / Javascript
PHP : Zend Framework et Symfony2
Javascript : YUI 3 - JQuery

Mes bundles Kitpages :

Philippe Le Van is a member of the community since November 2011.

Projects - 19

  • KitanoPaymentBundle

    This bundle symfony2 is used to manage payments. You have to use another payment bundle for each payment system.

  • KitanoPaymentSipsBundle

    Plugin for the payment system SIPS from ATOS. It is used with the generic payment system KitanoPaymentSystem

  • KitpagesCacheControlBundle

    Small and stupid bundle that change some http headers to remove navigator cache for an entire website.

  • KitpagesChainBundle

    This bundle is used ton configure a workflow (a chain of steps) in the config.yml in order to execute this workflow from app/console or from PHP.

  • KitpagesCmsBundle

    A stable, robust and easy to use CMS created as un symfony2 bundle. It can be integrated in any symfony2 project. A demo can be viewed at

  • KitpagesDataGridBundle

    A data grid with sorting, filtering. It's easy to integrate into a symfony2 project and easy to extend to add actions, multiple actions, change default display, add translations,... tested and documented

  • KitpagesFileSystemBundle

    A file system abstraction layer. It allows you to manipulate files on a local filesystem, ftp or Amazon S3 with the same code. It is like gaufrette (from knplabs), but it manages big files much better than gaufrette.

  • KitpagesShopBundle

    Bundle that adds a purchase process to an existing catalog in a symfony2 project.

  • KitpagesSimpleCacheBundle

    Simple and easy to use cache system in database.

  • KitpagesUserGeneratedBundle

    Comment and rating bundle. Easy to integrate with any object in any symfony2 project.

  • Symfony Kitpages Cms Edition

    A symfony 2.1 edition used to install the Kitpages CMS. It is used for the website

  • TbbcMoneyBundle

    * Integrates money library from mathiasverraes * Twig filters and formater in order to display amounts * A storage system for currency ratios * A ratioProvider system for fetching ratio from externals api * Symfony2 form integration * Console commands for different operations * A configuration parser for specifying website used currencies

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