Javier Spagnoletti

Javier Spagnoletti

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tech Lead, Nubity


Web and coding standards evangelist.

Javier Spagnoletti is a member of the community since September 2012.

Projects - 22

  • BazingaJsTranslationBundle

    A pretty nice way to expose your Symfony2 translation messages to your client applications.

  • Buzz

    PHP's lightweight HTTP client

  • composer

    Dependency Manager for PHP

  • doctrine2

    Doctrine 2 Object Relational Mapper

  • FOSJsRoutingBundle

    A pretty nice way to expose your Symfony2 routing to client applications.

  • FOSUserBundle

    Provides user management for your Symfony2 Project. Compatible with Doctrine ORM & ODM, and Propel.

  • GetId3

    This release of GetId3 library updates to PSR-0 CS and makes it Symfony2 installable by deps or composer mechanisms.

  • HWIOAuthBundle

    OAuth client integration for Symfony. Supports both OAuth1.0a and OAuth2.

  • Imagine

    PHP 5.3 Object Oriented image manipulation library

  • MonologBundle

    Symfony Monolog Bundle

  • ParameterHandler

    Composer script handling your ignored parameter file

  • phansys.github.io

    Phansys' GitHub page

  • pheanstalk

    PHP client for beanstalkd queue

  • php-jwt

    PEAR package for JWT

  • SonataAdminBundle

    AdminBundle - The missing Symfony2 Admin Generator

  • SonataDoctrineORMAdminBundle

    Integrates the Doctrine ORM Project into the AdminBundle

  • SonataMediaBundle

    Media management bundle on steroid for Symfony2

  • SonataUserBundle

    Integrates the UserBundle into the Sonata Project

  • symfony

    The Symfony2 PHP framework

  • symfony-standard

    The "Symfony Standard Edition" distribution

  • WowoNewsletterBundle

    Newsletter Bundle for Symfony2 (with messages queuing in beanstalkd)

  • WowoQueueBundle

    The WowoQueueBundle provides unified method for use queue systems, like Beanstalkd, RabbitMQ, flat files, database driven queues etc.

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