Pablo Godel

Pablo Godel

Miami, United States

Sr. Software Engineer, OpenSky


Pablo Godel is a Sommelier of New Technologies. He has been working with PHP since the mid-90s when he started the PHP mailing list for spanish speaking developers. During the last years he has been using (and contributing to) many open source projects like Symfony, AngularJS. He previously cofounded and was CTO of ServerGrove, and now provides consulting services around PHP, Symfony and DevOps. In his leisure time he likes sailing, spend his time with his family, and travel to conferences around the world.

Pablo Godel is a member of the community since October 2007.

Projects - 15

  • asandbox

    Apostrophe 1.5 sandbo git repo

  • cas

    CAS for PHP 5.3

  • IsmaAmbrosiGeneratorBundle

    Generates Symfony2 documents, forms and CRUD for MongoDB documents

  • mysql2mongodb

    Converts MySQL tables to mongoDB collections

  • PageRoller

    PageRoller is a Symfony2 application that rolls websites in a page with an automatic refresh

  • php-method-generator

    Generates set/get methods for private/protected properties

  • psi

    PHP Service Informer

  • PSI-2

    PSI-2 is a rewrite of PSI using symfony and mongodb

  • rdiff-backup

    Clone of rdiff-backup (readonly)

  • RSE

    Real Symfony Estate - Real Estate Software written in Symfony2

  • sgLESSPlugin

    sgLESSPlugin is a symfony plugin which implements [LESS CSS]( functionality and features. It allows to define variables, mixins (for any type: class, id, tag), nested rules, arithmetic (color on color, color on number, number on number), scope, comments, importing and more things to come.

  • sgParserOpenVzUbc

    PHP parser for OpenVZ user_beancounters data

  • TranslationEditorBundle

    Symfony2 bundle that provides a web based UI editor for translation files

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