Per Bernhardt

Per Bernhardt

Bonn, Germany

Software Architect,


Started programming in the beginning of the century and has a bachelor degree in computer science. Is currently working as a software architect at

Per Bernhardt is a member of the community since May 2011.

Projects - 13

  • android-gps-tracking

    University project

  • bonnliga-website

    Website of the foosball tournament series "Bonnliga" in Bonn, Germany

  • cluemate

    Cluemate is an advisory tool for the deduction board game "Clue".

  • composer

    Package Manager for PHP

  • intellij-community

    IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

  • kcb-vereinsheim

    A webapp to provide services to the club house of the Kickercrew Bonn.

  • phing

    PHing Is Not GNU make; it's a PHP project build system or build tool based on Apache Ant. Please refer to the Phing site for the roadmap and issue tracking.

  • Pirum

    The simple PEAR Channel Server Manager

  • pma-kml-repository

    A simple content upload site for my pma course at university...

  • se2

    Code from my university course "Software Engineering II"

  • webengineering

    University project

  • wink-murder

    A mobile webapp version of the party game "Wink Murder"

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