LOUARDI Abdeltif

LOUARDI Abdeltif

Casablanca, Morocco

Lead technique, Smile Open Source Solutions



LOUARDI Abdeltif is a member of the community since April 2011.

Projects - 12

  • CMSsf

    CMS in symfony2 html5 CSS3 JQuery

  • CompanyReportsBundle

    Search for companies reports and customer informations

  • FileExplorerBundle

    Explorer your system and server files in symfony2

  • HookBundle

    Symfony2: This bundle allows you to change content by another.

  • LidaaTwigBundle

    LidaaTwigBundle will add a lot of Twig Extensions (php, image, url, css, js, tag, session, number, sf, unset, form, html, ...)

  • OSExcelBundle

    Excel Reader Bundle (Writen with symfony2)

  • PaymentBundle

    Payment bundle for symfony2

  • RssBundle

    A simple bundle for symfony2 to generate rss flux

  • SitemapBundle

    Generate a simple sitemap

  • SoapForSF2

    Library soap for symfony2 (Forked from https://github.com/BeSimple)

  • ToolsBundle

    This Bundle contain some tools to make your life easier. (symfony2)

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