Tristan Darricau

Tristan Darricau

Paris, France

Web Developer, SensioLabs


phpBB core contributor and release manager of the 3.2 version.

Tristan Darricau is a member of the community since June 2014.

Projects - 30

  • area51

    Symfony Application for the website.

  • area51-phpbb3

    Fork of phpBB for the development discussion board on

  • autogroups

    Auto Groups extension for phpBB 3.1.

  • boardannouncements

    Board Announcements extension for phpBB 3.1

  • boardrules

    Board Rules extension for phpBB 3.1

  • camo-ssl-image-proxy

    Rewrites image URLs to point to an asset server so they show as secure.

  • collapsible-categories

    Collapsible Categories extension for phpBB 3.1

  • composer

    Dependency Manager for PHP

  • craftbook

    Machines, ICs, PLCs, and more gameplay

  • customisation-db

    A Modification and Style database for and the International Support Teams, codename Titania | Subscribe to the commits list:

  • DesignPatternDetector

    detection of design patterns in PHP code

  • dev-hooks

    GitHub web hooks deployed on

  • docker-magento2

    Docker image for Magento 2

  • documentation

    Documentation for end-users: board visitors, moderators and administrators

  • documentation-1

    cloudControl PaaS documentation in GFM

  • gh

  • googleanalytics

    Google Analytics extension for phpBB 3.1

  • hub

    hub helps you win at git.

  • if_changed

    :inbox_tray: Run commands on git pull

  • if_changed

    :inbox_tray: Run commands on git pull

  • jsonapi

    A JSON API for Minecraft:

  • os

    The easiest way to run Docker in production

  • pages

    Pages extension for phpBB 3.1

  • php

    Docker Official Image packaging for PHP

  • phpbb

    phpBB 3 Development: phpBB is a popular open-source bulletin board written in PHP. This repository also contains the history of version 2.

  • phpbb-ext-acme-demo

    ACME Demo Extension for phpBB:

  • php-silex-example-app

    cloudControl PaaS - Silex Example App

Badges - 14

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  • SymfonyLive Paris 2017 Attendee badge
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