Clermont-Ferrand, France


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Laurent VOULLEMIER is a member of the community since June 2018.

Projects - 12

  • ceph-odm

    Odm for Ceph based on Doctrine mapper skeleton

  • docker-hipache

    Docker compose for hipache reverse proxy

  • docker-nginx

    Official Docker Nginx container with server_tokens to off

  • docker-openssh

    Docker ssh container

  • docker-phpfpm

    Official php-fpm docker image without logs on stdout/stderr (a frontal Nginx should do it) and without display php errors.

  • docker-piwigo

    Piwigo docker image

  • docker-python-virtualenv

    Docker container with many Python versions. Especially for Virtualenv and Tox usage.

  • docker-remarkjs

    Container for creating RemarkJS slideshow

  • docker-symfony

    Docker LAMP containers for Symfony projects

  • media-scripts

    Various bash scripts for handling media files

  • photos-picker

    Library which allows to select (randomly or not) many photos and copy them to a destination (local filesystem or web services)

  • php-cs-fixer-config

    Coffreo configuration for CS Fixer

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