Luciano Mammino

Luciano Mammino

Rome, Italy

CTO, Sbaam


A life through programming: I love creating by programming, i hate repeating myself.

Code is not just poetry, but actually it's a way to change the World!

I started coding at the age of twelve when my father gave me his own old office computer: a shining command-line-only Intel 386. After some months I discovered it had a command called "qbasic" with which I can write and run "instructions". As soon as I understood its value, I ran to my mother yelling "Look Ma, I can teach the computer to do things!".

Then it came "the internet" and I developed a strong passion for web developement, a passion that never let me. Still today the web is my primary passion: I love its continuously evolving technology from the backend to the frontend. I study and experiment a lot and during the last 10 years I developed several skills that goes from plain old PHP to more complex and structured frameworks such as Symfony2 or Silex. I also had chance to use Wordpress on several projects and to master necessary front end skills such as HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, Javascript and jQuery.

In the last 3 years I had chance to tap into the entrepreneurship world. I took part on several courses and competitions and finally I co-founded a promising startup called Sbaam in wich I cover the role of CTO. That allowed me to increase my technical knowledge going deep with topics such as virtualization, cloud computing, complex web application architectures and so on. But it also allowed me to develop a business oriented state of mind that makes me able of focusing on priorities, communicate better and being part of a well structured team.

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