Lyon, France

Director, InfoDroid


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Steevan BARBOYON is a member of the community since May 2015.

Projects - 10

  • doctrinefieldtypes

    Add fields type to Doctrine

  • gitscripts

    [bash & git] Recursive status, easiest add tag / delete tag

  • php-benchmarks-libs

    Libraries who are benchmarked by

  • proxybundle

    [SF2 Bundle] Easy to use proxies

  • sendlogs

    [bash] Send logs (errors, queries...) by mail

  • sf2scripts

    [bash & Symfony2] Scripts for Symfony2

  • shortcutsbundle

    [Symfony2] Add shortcuts and auto-completion for services and repositories

  • ssh2bundle

    Bundle to use SSH2 PHP extension with Symfony2

  • utilsbundle

    Add some features to Symfony2

  • versionsbundle

    [SF2 bundle] Add version information to your bundles, with updates scripts and mores

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