Jordi Llonch

Jordi Llonch

Barcelona, Spain


Senior developer on Symfony PHP framework with experience on e-commerce high availabiliy systems.
And now interested in Erlang, too.

Jordi Llonch is a member of the community since September 2007.

Projects - 15

  • Collector

    Collector is the component in charge of subscribing to the channel where stats and events are published. Message storing policies are determined by matching type or a regexp defined in the config file.

  • eggs

    Erlang Generic Game Server

  • eggs_unity3d

    Erlang Generic Game Server + Unity3D

  • erlang-camp

    Code for the ErlangCamp teaching conference

  • Erlang-Programming-exercises

    My solutions to some exercises from book "Erlang Programming. O'Reilly"

  • LogMonitor

    LogMonitor is the component in charge of parse all kind of log files and publishes errors and stats to the configured channel. The published messages could be collected by the "Collector" component or the "WebUIMonitor" component.

  • nensquefem

    Toy project to play with Symfony2. It is a web scrapper to extract child activities in Barcelona from some web sources and create a little agenda

  • PublisherCli

    PublisherPhp is the component that allows publish events or stats using a console command.

  • symfony2-sandbox-security-login_form

    Symfony2 sandbox using security bundle with a login form

  • WebUIMonitor

    WebUIMonitor is the user interface that shows errors in your system in real time and plays a sound if there is a critical error.

  • WebUIStats

    WebUIStats is the component that generates web UI interface with charts from your stats.

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