Hari K T

Hari K T

Calicut, India

PHP Developer, Freelance Developer / Consulatant / Speaker / Writer


Hari K T is a freelance developer, consultant, speaker, writer, open-source lover and contributor.

I love to explore, learn new techniques and technologies. I try to learn something new each day.

Hari K T is a member of the community since February 2010.

Projects - 80

  • angularjs-book

    Examples and Code snippets from the AngularJS O'Reilly book

  • artax

    An async HTTP/1.1 client built on the amp concurrency framework

  • Assets

    Help you moving processwire index.php to where ever you want.

  • Aura.Accept

    Provides content-negotiation tools using Accept* headers.

  • Aura.Asset_Bundle

    Asset management for aura v2

  • Aura.Cli

    Command-Line Interface tools

  • Aura.Debug

    A port of Solar_Debug_* classes

  • Aura.Demo

    "Hello World" demos for Aura.

  • Aura.Di

    Dependency Injection System

  • Aura.Dispatcher

    Object factory and method invoker.

  • Aura.Filter

    Validate/sanitize user data

  • Aura.Filter

    Validate and sanitize arrays and objects.

  • Aura.Framework

    Composes the various Aura packages into a framework.

  • Aura.Html

    HTML helpers.

  • Aura.Html

    Provides HTML escapers and helpers, including form input helpers.

  • Aura.Http

    HTTP Request and Response tools

  • Aura.Input

    Tools to describe HTML form fields and values.

  • Aura.Input

    Tools to describe HTML form fields and values.

  • Aura.Intl

    Internationalization tools, particularly message translation.

  • Aura.Intl

    Internationalization tools, particularly message translation.

  • Aura.Invoker

    Object factory and method invoker.

  • Aura.Mail

    Experimenting to port Solar Mail to Aura

  • Aura.Marshal

    A data-marshaling toolset

  • Aura.Marshal

    A data-marshaling toolset

  • aura-micro

    Aura Microframework wrapper paralleling the Silex API, sort of

  • Aura.Payload_Interface

    An interface package for Domain Payload implementations.

  • auraphp.github.com

    Static pages for github site

  • Aura.Router

    A web router implementation for PHP.

  • Aura.Router

    Router System

  • Aura.Session

    Tools for managing sessions, including session segments and read-once messages

  • Aura.Session

    Tools for managing sessions, including session segments and read-once messages

  • Aura.Signal

    SignalSlots / EventHandler Implementation

  • Aura.Signal

    SignalSlots / EventHandler Implementation

  • Aura.Sql

    Adapters for SQL database access

  • Aura.SqlMapper_Bundle

    A DataMapper and UnitOfWork implementation.

  • Aura.SqlQuery

    Independent query builders for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Aura.SqlSchema

    Independent schema discovery tools for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Aura.Uri

    Tools to build and modify URLs.

  • aurav2book

    Aura v2 book

  • Aura.View

    A TemplateView system

  • AuraViewExample

    Example integrating Aura.View and Aura.Html

  • Aura.Web

    Web controllers and support classes

  • authentication-pdo-example

    Standalone usage of authenticating library Aura.Auth via PDO

  • BEAR.Sunday

    A Resource Oriented Framework for PHP5.4

  • bigbluebutton

    BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for distance learning

  • blog

    Some of my experiements

  • cakephp3-examples

    A collection of examples for CakePHP 3

  • changetrack

    Track changes through the history of PHP projects

  • chosen

    Chosen is a library for making long, unwieldy select boxes more friendly.

  • components

    BCK12 sample components shown as standalone

  • conduit-skelton

    A micro framework on top of conduit, which supports PSR-7 in core

  • couchdb-guide

    CouchDB: The Definitive Guide

  • deployer

    A deployment tool written in PHP with support for popular frameworks out of the box

  • DesignPatternsPHP

    sample code for several design patterns in PHP

  • dom

    Essence's DOM parser

  • dotfiles

    dotfiles dotfiles!!

  • Embed

    Get info from any web service or page

  • freegeoip

    IP geolocation web service

  • ghdocs

    Render github markdown files. A work for easy documentation

  • goose

    Html Content / Article Extractor in Scala - open sourced from Gravity Labs - http://gravity.com

  • Hari.Contact

    Aura Sample Contact Form

  • harikt.github.com

    Source code of http://harikt.com/

  • html5demos

    Collection of hacks and demos showing capability of HTML5 apps

  • interviews

    Random questions to ask during interviews.

  • lloogg

    LLOOGG realtime web log analyzer

  • mu

    A tweet-sized sinatra like PHP microframework

  • Navigator

    A PHP library for performing geographical calculations

  • NFHtmlToText

    Simplistic conversion of HTML to plain text

  • notorm-revisited

    Notorm experiments

  • oauth

    Screencast code, script and chicken drawings for the OAuth course

  • paz

    A pluggable in-house service platform with a PaaS-like workflow, built on Docker, CoreOS, Etcd and Fleet. This repository houses the documentation and installation scripts.

  • persisted-objects

    Stupid PHP library to do very simple persistance for test automation purposes

  • phpform

    Standalone Forms for PHP with Aura.Input, Aura.View helpers and optional dependency Aura.Filter

  • ProcessWire

    ProcessWire 2.5. PHP 5 based CMS and CMF (content management system and framework). This is the current production version.

  • pwmoduleinstaller

    Composer installer for Aura systems.

  • PyTeaser

    Summarizes news articles

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