Asmir Mustafic

Asmir Mustafic

Berlin, Germany

Software Architect, Freelance


Enthusiastic and complete developer with more than ten years of experience in web application development.

Mainly a backend developer, able to manage the full software development life-cycle.

Wide range of experience in hotel booking and real estate systems, API design, internationalization, custom CRM and high complexity or heavy load applications.
Proven ability in problem analysis & solving, in order to choose the right solution for each task.

Web technologies and programming languages:
- Wide knowledge of PHP Enterprise Application Development, based on Symfony2 framework and related projects (Doctrine, Asettic, Composer, REST tools, etc.), Zend Framework, Yii Framework;
- Solid experience in SOAP Webservices and XML technologies;
- Very good knowledge of HTML / CSS/SASS / JavaScript;
- Good knowledge of Angular.JS javascript framework, ExtJs;
- Basic knowledge of Java.
- Able to plan complex architectures (performances, caching, availability, fault tolerance)

- Great ability to design complex PostgreSQL databases, including scaling and availability factors;
- Good knowledge of MySQL databases.
- Good knowledge of Solr search engine

Software life-cycle management:
- Development under SVN or GIT version control systems;
- Good knowledge of testing and continuous integration practices, including tools as PHPUnit and Jenkins;
- Good Unix/Linux system administrator: able to install, configure and maintain test servers by tuning web, email, FTP, DNS, SSH, SVN, GIT applications;
- Good knowledge of shell scripting languages.
- Good knowledge of AWS infrastructure

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