Fabrice Bernhard

Fabrice Bernhard

Paris, France

CTO, Theodo


Fabrice is the co-founder and CTO of Theodo, an agile web-development consulting company specialised in PHP Symfony. Fabrice is also the co-founder and CTO of Allomatch.com, the sports program website of bars in France.

As the CTO of both an Internet editor and an IT consulting team, Fabrice has acquired a lot of experience in owning, maintaining and evolving large-scale live PHP applications in an agile way.

On Devops, Fabrice participated in the creation of the paris-devops meetup and was invited to speak on these subjects at the Open World Forum, Symfony Live Berlin and the DevopsDays.
On PHP, Fabrice is the current president of AFUP, the French PHP association, cofounder of the AFSY, the French Symfony association, and was invited to speak on development with Facebook at Symfony Live Paris, Drupal8 and Symfony2 integration at Symfony Live London and progressive rewrite of legacy PHP at Symfony Live Portland.

Fabrice Bernhard is a member of the community since February 2008.

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