Cédric Girard

Cédric Girard

Montpellier, France

Lead developer, Lexik


Symfony developper since July 2008. Now working with Symfony 2 in Lexik.

Cédric Girard is a member of the community since March 2012.

Projects - 10

  • LexikColissimoBundle

    This Symfony2 bundle provides services to access and consume the WSColiPosteLetterService using the Lexik WSColissimo library

  • LexikCurrencyBundle

    This Symfony2 bundle provide a service and a Twig extension to convert and display currencies.

  • LexikFormFilterBundle

    This Symfony2 bundle aims to provide classes to build a form filter and then build a doctrine query from this form filter.

  • LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle

    This Symfony2 bundle provides JWT (Json Web Token) services to authenticate users against your application using the namshi/jose library.

  • LexikMailerBundle

    This Symfony2 bundle allow you to manage some HTML email templates stored in your database. Templates are written with Twig and use I18N. You can also create some layouts to decorate your email.

  • LexikMaintenanceBundle

    This Symfony2 bundle allows you to place your website in maintenance mode by calling two commands in your console. A page with status code 503 appears to users, it is possible to authorize certain ips addresses stored in your configuration.

  • LexikMonologBrowserBundle

    This Symfony2 bundle provides a Doctrine DBAL handler for Monolog and a web UI to display log entries.

  • LexikPayboxBundle

    LexikPayboxBundle eases the implementation of the Paybox payment system.

  • LexikTranslationBundle

    This Symfony2 bundle allow to import translation files content into the database and provide a GUI to edit translations.

  • LexikWorkflowBundle

    Simple workflow engine bundle for Symfony2.

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