Stefan Adolf

Stefan Adolf

Berlin, Germany

Developer Ambassador, Turbine Kreuzberg


To finally become the Turbine Kreuzberg's tech team "ambassador", Stefan worked many years for several companies (some of them his own, some not) using PHP, Java and Javascript. When not joining a project team, he attends hackathons and conferences, evaluates, teaches and introduces new technology and organizes the "coding (berlin|leipzig|stuttgart)" meetups in Germany. He's most excited about blockchains, APIs and NoSQL database technology and currently enjoys working with static site generators, headless cms and sensor technology. His most beloved frameworks are Spring, Symfony2, Gatsby and React (which is a library), his superforce is making things work, his music choice melts at 1500 degrees and his zodiac sign is capricorn.

Stefan Adolf is a member of the community since December 2016.

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