Dennis Fridrich

Dennis Fridrich

Prague, Czechia

owner, SEPIA SOFT s.r.o., sevendesign s.r.o.


I love PHP and Symfony. I also like lightweight solutions :)

Dennis Fridrich is a member of the community since September 2013.

Projects - 30

  • Ares

    Communication with ARES (Czech business register)

  • blank

    Blank template for new projects. Just for my personal use :)

  • Chatty

    Chatty for you web

  • CzechDataBox

    Knihovna pro komunikaci s datovou schránkou v PHP

  • DefrAresBundle

    Symfony2 bundle for communication with ARES (Czech business register)

  • eJustice

    Knihovna pro komunikaci se službami InfoSoud, InfoJednání a Isir

  • ErrorNotifierBundle

    This bundle send you an email when an error appear (500 or 404 if enable)

  • EWZRecaptchaBundle

    This bundle provides easy reCAPTCHA form field for Symfony.

  • FioBanka

    PHP wrapper pro komunikaci s FIO bankou.

  • FOSMessageBundle

    Provides integration of the FOSMessage library into Symfony

  • funct

    A PHP library with commonly used code blocks

  • gopay-php-api

    GoPay's PHP SDK for Payments REST API

  • iDoklad

    Wrapper pro iDoklad.

  • KitpagesDataGridBundle

    This Symfony2 bundle is a simple datagrid bundle. Designed to be very simple to configure and personnalize.

  • KnpTimeBundle

    Provides helpers for time manipulation

  • Library

    Many useful PHP helpers in one Library.

  • MaterialCss

    CSS with material design colors.

  • mortage-calculator

    Calculate mortage easily in PHP

  • omnipay-bitpay

    BitPay Bitcoin driver for the Omnipay PHP payment processing library

  • OnePager

    Really simple PHP OnePager

  • PhpMimeType

    Simple PHP class for guessing file mime type based on file extension with ability to use in Symfony project.

  • PPL

    PHP wrapper pro načítání informací o balících PPL.

  • QRPlatba

    Generování QR plateb v PHP.

  • seo

    Bolt SEO extension

  • SiteScanner

    Tool for SEO

  • skeleton

    A skeleton repository for League Packages

  • SlimSkeleton

    My Slim framework skeleton project with Twig

  • symfony

    The Symfony PHP framework

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