Cristi Contiu

Cristi Contiu

Bucharest, Romania

Web Developer, BIXEL


I am a full-stack web developer with 6 years experience in online, intranet and enterprise software development.

I developed, maintained and managed a wide range of applications, such as CRMs, ERPs, time tracking, calendars, call center integrations, wallboards, recruiting systems, bulk email servers, web-services, e-commerce and simple websites on various stacks: WAMP & LAMP (Windows or Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), WISA & WISP (Windows Server, IIS, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC or PHP).

I successfully used open-source frameworks (Zend Framework 2, Symfony2, CakePHP, Joomla, Wordpress, Prestashop, and phpBB) and a few proprietary ones and dozens of server-side or client-side, open-source or licensed libraries (jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap, DataTables, FullCalendar, CKEditor, HighCharts JS, Uniform, Chosen and TCPDF just to name a few).

I am a quick learner and adapt very quickly to new programming environments. I always look to improve my software development and project management skills and to be up-to-date with the latest technologies.

I have good communications skills and speak fluent English, which I use in development and support conversations with clients from all around the globe.

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