Luis Cordova

Luis Cordova

LC-233, United States

DDD developer, Weyland Cordoval Corporation


Senior Lead Dev/Trainer Consulting

Luis is an Ex-KnpLabs ninja, consultor for SensioLabs, Symfony Core Developer team member, has the experience of executing successfully symfony2 projects as CTO in companies in Asia and as Lead Developer in bleeding edge startups in the northeast coast of the USA. He has undertaken tasks as lead and trainer in many topics from Git, to Symfony2 and Behat. His background is in hardware performing key research in high performance supercomputing with FPGAs and has an interest in community mainly in PHP and Symfony2.

Luis is the creator of the Personal Robot for Maintainers and Contributors: Gush here

Luis has authored a "Symfony2 Ecommerce Lean Book" at
and has translated a popular book "A Year with Symfony" to Spanish.

Luis blogs at
and is available for consulting at

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