Ben Lumley

Ben Lumley

Bath, United Kingdom

Interoke Digital


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Ben Lumley is a member of the community since October 2008.

Projects - 17

  • ajax-chosen

    A complement to the jQuery library Chosen that adds ajax autocomplete

  • aws-sdk-for-php

    Official mirror of the AWS SDK for PHP. For more information on the AWS SDK for PHP, see our web site:

  • dbal

    Doctrine Database Abstraction Layer

  • doctrine2

    Doctrine 2 Object Relational Mapper

  • dotfiles

    Dotfiles for my homefolder

  • Elastica

    Elastica is a PHP client for elasticsearch

  • Imagine

    PHP 5.3 Object Oriented image manipulation library

  • jQuery-PanZoom

    jQuery plugin to pan and zoom an image within a parent div.

  • LooseCoupling

    [Doctrine 1.2 extension] allow relations to records of multiple types

  • munin-plugins

    Munin Plugins

  • SonataAdminBundle

    AdminBundle - The missing Symfony2 Admin Generator

  • SonataDoctrineORMAdminBundle

    Integrates the Doctrine ORM Project into the AdminBundle

  • SonataMediaBundle

    Media management bundle on steroid for Symfony2

  • SonataNewsBundle

    A news/blog system

  • SonataPageBundle

    A kind of "CMS" on top of Symfony2

  • VagrantPuppet

    The puppet manifests I use to configure Vagrant VMs

  • Zend_Cloud

    Clone of the in development Zend_Cloud component's svn repo (AKA simple cloud), with added support for storage on Rackspace CloudFiles

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