Zied Ellouze

Zied Ellouze

Paris, France

Development Engineer, Open Groupe


I'm a web developper.

Zied Ellouze is a member of the community since October 2014.

Projects - 25

  • FlexSlider

    An awesome, fully responsive jQuery slider plugin

  • FOSOAuthServerBundle

    A server side OAuth2 Bundle for Symfony2

  • gears

    Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/gears

  • GetCountries

    This script will generate MySQL "Countries" table depending on what fields you select. All data is fetched from geonames.org

  • jquery.jqprint

    jQuery print plugin

  • jQuery-Knob

    Nice, downward compatible, touchable, jQuery dial

  • jQuery-PanZoom

    jQuery plugin to pan and zoom an image within a parent div.

  • jquery-stickyfloat

    jQuery plugin for sticky floats

  • jquery-ui

    The official jQuery user interface library.

  • jQuery-Validation-Engine

    jQuery form validation plugin

  • jsmob

    A JS add-on to instantly make an existing site become responsive

  • JSON-js

    JSON in JavaScript

  • libc_patch

    patch for libc6 for etch for ghost

  • mustache.js

    Minimal templating with {{mustaches}} in JavaScript

  • OAuthServerDemo

    Demo integrate FOSOAuthServerBundle & FosUserBundle

  • openmobster

    Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/openmobster

  • Options-Framework

    Slightly modified options framework, w/ drag & drop slider and other customizations.

  • PHP-Drupal-CI

    Vagrant Continuous Integration VM for PHP/Drupal with Jenkins, Phing and SonarQube.

  • phpjs

    php.js implements PHP functions in JavaScript

  • QuickBase-PHP-SDK

    PHP SDK for Intuit QuickBase

  • stickyfloat

    This plugin makes it possible to have a fixed position element that is relative to it’s parent. A normal fixed positioned element would be “out of context” and is very difficult to use in the most common situations with fluid designs. This plugin solves that problem with as little code as I could possible get it so it will run in the most optimized way, while also allow you to customize it in many important ways which might suit you best.

  • webSqlApp

    HTML5 webSQL app synching with a php MySQL server

  • WebSqlSync

    Synchronize a local WebSQL DB to a server

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