Yaismel Miranda

Yaismel Miranda

United States

Software Engineer,


Software Engineer, reader, and geek :-)

Yaismel Miranda is a member of the community since July 2011.

Projects - 19

  • aspnet-mvc-identityext

    Extending Identity System in ASP.NET MVC 5.

  • challenges

    I really enjoy the competitive programming, so this repo is to share my solved challenges and hacks. :-)

  • fabgit

    Git shown fabulous!!

  • go-fab

    Shows your output fabulous!

  • go-orientrest

    Orientrest is a Go client library providing access to the OrientDB document/graph database via its REST API.

  • PhpKairos

    PhpKairos is a nice client for the Kairos Face Recognition API

  • rust-brainfuck

    Brainfuck implementation in Rust programming language

  • s2c-restful-services

    s2c Project restful services + repositories

  • scala-orientdb-example

    Gremlin-Scala OrientDB integration

  • sfEfBasicLTIPlugin

    The sfEfBasicLTIPlugin is a symfony1 plugin that implements a IMS BasicLTI (Basic Learning Tools for Interoperability) consumer for Symfony projects. BasicLTI is a IMS Standard that allows web based learning tools to be easily integrated in LMS as native ones.

  • sfEfHelpWidgetPlugin

    The sfEfHelpWidgetPlugin plugin allows us load the widget general help

  • sfEfLanguagePlugin

    The sfEfLanguagePlugin is a symfony1 plugin that provides internationalization and localization features

  • sfEfLink

    The sfEfLink is a symfony1 library that allows us redirect to another symfony application

  • sfEfTask

    The sfEfTask is a symfony1 library that allows us execute symfony task in runtime

  • sfEfWidgetFormExtraPlugin

    The sfEfWidgetFormExtraPlugin packages useful widgets

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