Berny Cantos

Berny Cantos

Barcelona, Spain


I'm a C++ developer who reluctantly switched to PHP some years ago. Now I'm a big advocate and a lover of the language, much more since I know something so awesome like Symfony2 exists. First of all, I am here to learn.

Berny Cantos is a member of the community since June 2011.

Projects - 22

  • Cache

    Provides a unified set of tools for common caching tasks

  • console

    Tools and helpers for Symfony/Console

  • console-bundle

    Simple integration for Symfony/Console into Symfony/HttpKernel based applications (not standard)

  • console-distribution

    A simple console based project, with all the power of bundles and dependency injection.

  • flow

    Command line tool for gitflow-like workflow

  • GoogleMaps

    PHP objects mapping Google Maps services, requests and responses

  • Kata-Empty

    An empty skeleton for Kata rapid development under PHP + Composer

  • lazzzy

    Lazy collections for PHP

  • ofertix-rabbitmq-bundle

    Integrates RabbitMQ with Symfony2 through php-amqplib

  • OneTimeAccessBundle

    Symfony2 security extension to allow One-Time access

  • project-manager

    Allows easy management of multiple local vhosts projects for development purposes.


    A basic URL shortener

  • security-extra

    Provides @Role and @Param annotations for securing controllers

  • sf2ix

    Understanding Symfony2 Components and Framework through an alternate directory structure

  • Sift

    Filter management

  • SimplexTutorial

    Code from Fabien Potencier series "Create your own framework… on top of the Symfony2 Components", tagged at the end of every chapter, so you can watch the code evolve as @fabpot introduces more concepts from Symfony2 Components

  • symfony-barcelona

    Página del grupo Symfony Barcelona

  • system

    Shared settings for my systems and projects

  • tag-bundle

    Helps collecting tagged services to inject them into others

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