Olivier Mairet

Olivier Mairet

Lille, France

Backend Engineer, Openclassrooms


Currently working as Backend Engineer at Openclassrooms since 2021.

Openclassrooms is an online school which mission is to make education accessible.

My journey isn't a typical tech trajectory. In a previous life, I served as an international mobility adviser, helping individuals navigate the complexities of change and transition. It was during this time that I discovered a latent passion for coding and decided to embark on a self-guided journey to become a developer.

Fuelled by my curiosity and determination, i embraced the world of Programming. I am a PHP developer since 2017.

At Openclassrooms we work on APIs based on PHP and Symfony. In our team we try our best to follow Clean Code guidelines, such as Boyscout rules and more. We also work on a homemade clean architecture for our main project.

Olivier Mairet is a member of the community since October 2017.

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