Xavier Lacot

Xavier Lacot

Paris, France

Web and mobile expert, JoliCode


After graduating from École Nationale Supérieure de Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie and Télécom Paris, I began to work professionally on web projects in 2005. In March 2012, I co-founded JoliCode, a Web- and Mobile- expertise company, which focuses on improving the quality of Web projects.

I am the author of several translations of Recommendations of the W3C, and I master the problems of inter-operability and accessibility of Web applications. More generally, my approach to computing leverages the methods and techniques that promote a long-term development of Web architectures.

I am particularly interested in technologies related to PHP frameworks - for example, I am the author of several plugins for the Symfony PHP5 framework - and the Semantic Web. These are issues on which I regularly publish in international magazines. My areas of expertise include the development, project management, training, and consulting. Since February 2012, I am the President of AFUP, the French Association of PHP Users.

Xavier Lacot is a member of the community since August 2006.

Projects - 7

  • cleverFilesystemPlugin

    This plugin allows to have an abstract access in PHP to the filesystem, whatever its type. Based on the adapter pattern, this symfony plugin provides an easy way to abstract the access to the filesystem.

  • joli.js

    joli.js is an Activerecord-like javascript ORM, particularly suited for being used in the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework.

  • mediatorMediaLibraryPlugin

    A media library plugin for symfony 1.4

  • NavigationTimingFrTranslation

    French translation of the W3C Candidate Recommendation about "Navigation Timing"

  • sfDoctrineRestGeneratorPlugin

    This symfony plugin permits to generate REST modules bound to Doctrine models. It allows to easily create REST webservices, and provides an extensible framework for data exchange. This git repository is the official git mirror of the SVN repository.

  • symfpony-project.org

    REST-style ponies in the wild

  • www.symfpony-project.org

    symfpony-project.org website

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