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Please, “cheapest” and “reliable” are two words that don’t go together. If you’re looking for reliability then your best bet is probably to pay a little more and to go for a mid-level host with a trustworthy reputation.

Many VPS hosting providers offering a certain type of hosting, and so if it’s reliability that you’re looking for then it’s a good idea to look for hosts that offering a high uptime (as opposed to generalists or those who focus on security, low pricing, etc).

Another point to consider is server location, because if your server is located close to your targeted country then it will reduce latency for visitors and increase the overall performance of your website. You can also use tools like content delivery networks (CDNs) to host cached versions of your website so if it does go down, people are still able to access a backup.

Also, you may want to think managed VPS hosting. The difference between unmanaged and managed hosting is that a managed host will proactively spend time to manage your server on behalf of you while an unmanaged host will leave you to it for you means you have to be responsible to manage your server.

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