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Víctor Hugo Valle Castillo

Víctor Hugo Valle Castillo

C.A.B.A, Argentina

Backend Developer, E-Volution


A passionate & code lover who always enjoys the open source community. Love high tech & the software development. We all together can do lots of awesome things!

Víctor Hugo Valle Castillo is a member of the community since March 2012.

Projects - 30

  • blog

    Víctor Hugo Valle Blog (WP Project)

  • blueimp-file-uploader-express

    This is a simple express module for integrating jQuery File Upload.

  • blueimp-file-upload-expressjs

    A simple express module for integrating jQuery File Upload.

  • bootstrap

    The most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

  • bootstrap-bundle

    BraincraftedBootstrapBundle integrates Bootstrap into Symfony2 by providing templates, Twig extensions, services and commands.

  • cache

    Caching library

  • cmf-sandbox

    Base project for trying CMF components integration

  • cms-project

    Víctor Hugo Valle CMS Project (Symfony2)

  • Cobalt2-iterm

    Cobalt2 Colour Scheme for iTerm2 + ZSH

  • colmena-cms

    🍯 Free and Open Source API and Admin powered by LoopBack and Angular

  • docker-toolkit

    A toolkit for docker containers.

  • exporter


  • expressjs-fileupload

    A simple express module for integrating jQuery File Upload.

  • file-uploader-express

    This is a simple Node.js Project based on Express Framework with the blueimp-file-uploader-express nodule integrated.

  • GoogleAuthenticator

    Use the Google Authenticator App and check the code with this PHP script

  • hackathon-starter

    A boilerplate for Node.js web applications

  • hamburguesas-en-el-mundo

    This is the last assignment of the Coursera Course (Swift: programar para iOS).

  • htmlcompressor-bundle

    Symfony2 bundle which allow to minify cacheable HTML and XML responses using Html Compressor.

  • imobile

    The Official iMobile Website

  • juego-de-memoria

    Assignment: Juego de memoria (Swift: Programar para iOS).

  • mkdocs

    Project documentation with Markdown.

  • MusiCloud

    The Official Music in the Cloud Website

  • node

    Node.js JavaScript runtime :sparkles::turtle::rocket::sparkles:

  • parser

    Víctor Hugo Valle Website Parser

  • photobox

    A lightweight CSS3 image gallery that is pretty to look and and easy to use

  • php-user-agent

    NOT MAINTAINED - Browser detection in PHP5. Uses a simple and fast algorithm to recognize major browsers.

  • recaptcha-bundle

    This bundle provides an easy reCAPTCHA form field for a Symfony Project in order to protect your website from spam and abuse.

  • rest-api

    Small Rest API for the Rappi Test.

  • sandbox

    Sonata-Project's bundles in a sandbox

  • sdk-php

    MercadoPago SDK module for Payments integration

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