Thomas Ploch

Thomas Ploch

Berlin, Germany

Head of Software Architecture and Integrations, MFB MeinFernbus GmbH


After studying Computational linguistics at the University of Heidelberg, I very soon dived into web developing. At first I implemented very small projects, but as time passed by the projects grew bigger, and my understanding of programming grew. Today I am a Zend Certified Engineer, having worked for some big scale projects now trying to provide quality code that integrates well in almost anything!

Thomas Ploch is a member of the community since September 2012.

Projects - 4

  • guzzle-dawanda

    A Guzzle implementation of the DaWanda API

  • puppet-composer

    A very flexible puppet recipe to install and use the composer PHP dependency manager.

  • symfony-phpqatools

    A Symfony2 edition that provides all PHP QA tools you need to measure the quality of your code.

  • TPSolariumExtensionsBundle

    An extension for the which provides an AnnotationDriver for Document indexing configurations.

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