Tobias Olry

Tobias Olry

Bonn, Germany



I have been coding since the age of 15 (started at school with QBasic & Turbo Pascal).

While studying Computer Science I mainly worked with Java.

For my thesis in 2004 (parallel rendering in pc-clusters using commodity hardware) I used C++ and integrated the result with a few VR frameworks.

From 2005 on I have been almost exclusively working with PHP, developing custom tailored database applications for 13 years at SimpleThings. I have been using Symfony for this, since version 1.0.

Since 2018 I have joined Tideways to build tools that make developers life's easier and monitoring php application performance a blast 🚀

Lately I have been diving a bit deeper into other technologies like React/Redux, Go, TypeScript, Rust, ...

Tobias Olry is a member of the community since July 2007.

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