Cosmin-Romeo TANASE

Cosmin-Romeo TANASE

Bucharest, Romania

Technical Director,


I am very passionate about programming and decided to make this passion a way of living from an early age. I have been actively and intensely involved in the web design and programming industry since the age of 12. From a very young age I have been lucky enough to work for a large number of clients on a wide range of complex projects, both alone and as part of a wider team. At the age of 16 I was working as a programmer for multinational corporations and media agencies.

Trying to find a more challenging way of working, I joined an UK startup. Since I started working with I used all of my skills and experience to develop features enabling students to source accommodation. My accomplishments range from Artificial Intelligence answering students’ questions, to a complex interactive dashboard allowing universities to follow how the private sector develops. I am constantly going beyond regular standards to offer students, landlords and universities the best possible experience.

Not only do my assets include knowledge of multiple programming languages, but also critical awareness of targeted research and planning. I also pay close attention to how all of this should effectively be coded to deliver a high quality service.

At we strive to offer groundbreaking off-campus housing solutions for universities, student unions and education providers. We are an organisation which offers some of the most advanced features available, and we are passionate about technology. Our platforms provide interactive social property networks for students, and we are true technology professionals when it comes to student housing.

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