Steve Lacey

Steve Lacey

Bristol, United Kingdom

Web Developer, Simpleweb


Ruby, Python, PHP & JS

Steve Lacey is a member of the community since November 2009.

Projects - 17

  • bristol-old-vic-archive

    Bristol Old Vic Productions Archive

  • currency-converter

    A Currency Converter built in Symfony for UWE BSc (Hons) Web Design - Advanced Topics in Web Development

  • faceicon

    Rails application for synchronising avatars and bios.

  • followben

    Single page website to allow people to track and comment on my progress as I cycle the length of the UK!

  • less.js-css3-mixins

    SASS+Compass is a better solution. These are simply the collection of CSS3 mixins I've accumulated for less.js, covering most of the vendor specifc properties and a few shortcuts for common styles. If you add to or improve any of these please fork and send through a pull request, ta.

  • logo.js

    A node.js script to programmatically scrape the main logo from a website by parsing commonly used ids, classes and elements with jQuery. Checks include <img/> tags, OpenGraph & iOS icon meta tags, various filename string matches and regex on the predicted 'main' stylesheet for various background images.

  • php5-pdo

    A PHP5 Implementation of PDO

  • sfAwsPlugin

    Symfony 1 plugin wrapping the AWS SDK.

  • sfOrmBreadcrumbsPlugin

    sfOrmBreadcrumbsPlugin provides easy breadcrumbs integration and configuration for your project application, allowing you to produce breadcrumbs for any routing rule, including doctrine or propel ones.

  • sfTwitterAuthPlugin

    An updated version of sfTwitterAuthPlugin, now using @abraham's TwitterOAuth v0.2.0-beta2: supporting pushing an oauth_callback and further use of Twitter API methods post-authentication.

  • smash.js

    Smashing Magazine monthly wallpapers pushed to Dropbox with Node.JS and Ruby.

  • speakr

    Social Events Directory (formerly

  • student.xsl

    An advanced XSL setup for student assignment, exam and placement content, marks and other data.

  • symfony2-news-article-example

    A basic implementations of a news articles website.

  • tweetimages-php

    A simple clone written in PHP.

  • uwe-map

    Interaction Design Assignment to create a mobile web app to aid new students at UWE. In this project we aim to use geo-location and Google Maps to aid navigation around campus.

  • websocket-examples

    A selection of websocket examples for the Advanced Topics in Web Development research assignment.

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