Filip Berlikowski

Filip Berlikowski


CTO, Genesis Global Ltd


Filip simply describes himself as a "serial creator". For the last twenty years, he has been building software solutions which have enhanced his reputation within IT industry. At the outset of the digital era in 2000, he was leading the pack in the printing industry. After exiting his startup a new career path beckoned in 2012 as a tech consultant advising entrepreneurs. He resolved software and data problems with immense success.

In 2014 Genesis Global came knocking at his door which resulted in the launch of their first brand Not surprisingly, Filip was catapulted up into the role of CTO for the new company and now is laying out foundations for data driven "rising star" in the gambling business.

He supports a multitude of Genesis Global brands with rock solid technology. This is his current obsession apart from debugging family issues on a daily basis that is. Personally Filip is fascinated by moonshot ideas and he applies this fascination to his work and everyday life.

Filip Berlikowski is a member of the community since March 2019.

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