Sepehr Lajevardi

Sepehr Lajevardi

Munich, Germany

Full-stack Web Developer,


Sepehr Lajevardi is a member of the community since October 2008.

Projects - 30

  • animal-universe

    Object oriented architecture of an animal universe.

  • ci-base-controllers

    CodeIgniter base controller classes for a better code structure.

  • ci-cli

    CodeIgniter CLI interface library. It's a light fork of Phil Sturgeon's CLI library which provides a few more helpers.

  • ci-db-variable

    A dead simple Drupal-like database driven variable API for CodeIgniter.

  • ci-form

    Empowers CodeIgniter with a clean, powerful, drupal-inspired and HTML5/Bootstrap ready form API.

  • ci-ionauth

    Patchbingo on CodeIgniter IonAuth library.

  • ci-maestro

    CodeIgniter Maestro is a CI starter kit with many libs, configs and tweaks already in place.

  • ci-mongodb-base-model

    CodeIgniter base CRUD model with optional MongoDB support to fattenup your models while keeping controllers darn skinny!

  • ci-mongodb-ionauth

    [MERGED] MongoDB support for CodeIgniter IonAuth authentication library.

  • ci-mongodb-ionauth-module

    [OUTDATED] CodeIgniter IonAuth library as a standalone HMVC module with optional MongoDB support.

  • ci-mongodb-restserver

    CodeIgniter REST server library with optional MongoDB backend.

  • ci-mongodb-session

    An extension to CodeIgniter session library with optional MongoDB backend.

  • ci-pagination

    Better pagination class for CodeIgniter.

  • ci-relay

    A powerful data relay engine for CodeIgniter.

  • ci-test-controller

    CodeIgniter unit test controller.

  • CodeIgniter-Ion-Auth

    Simple and Lightweight Auth System for CodeIgniter

  • commitment

    [PERSONAL] An automated commitment to commit!

  • crunz

    A PHP-based job scheduler

  • drupal-absolute-path

    Dead simple Drupal module that usefully sets a global $absolute_path variable and a helper function for base absolute path.

  • drupal-ajax-tabs

    Drupal improved ajax_tabs module.

  • drupal-builds

    A personalized collection of Drush Make build files.

  • drupal-calendar-framework

    [MERGED] Clean and extensible world calendars framework for Drupal. It gonna be the 2.x branch of the Calendar Systems module.

  • drupal-calendar-systems

    Straight port of Calnedar Systems' legacy branch (1.x) to Drupal 7.

  • drupal-cftc

    Enables the CCK Fieldgroup Tabs module to also include comments on a separate jQuery UI tab.

  • drupal-jquery-calendars

    Drupal wrapper module for Keith Wood's awesome jQuery World Calendars library to provide API to other lucky modules!

  • drupal-migrate-sample

    [PERSONAL] Sample Drupal migration module based on d2d framework.

  • drupal-paypaad-api

    Drupal implementation of Paypaad Payment API, feeding uc-paypaad, pay-paypaad, etc.

  • drupal-permissioner

    Fixes Drupal permissioning issues, if any.

  • drupal-recently-viewed

    Drupal module to track recently viewed nodes/products for both anonymous and authenticated users.

  • drupal-search-redirect

    Simple yet missing drupal module to redirect user to that single item skipping the search results page.

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