Gianluca Farinelli

Gianluca Farinelli

Cavriglia, Italy

Senior Analyst/Developer, Open-Box srl


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Gianluca Farinelli is a member of the community since December 2011.

Projects - 11

  • ansible-symfony2

    Ansible role to deploy Symfony2 applications

  • dotfiles-1

    custom linux config files - managed via gnu stow

  • gps-from-exif

    Simple php class that get Get GPS from file exif info

  • jquery.caret

    Test PR

  • nocode

    The best way to write secure and reliable applications. Write nothing; deploy nowhere.

  • PackageGenerator

    Generates a PHP SDK based on a WSDL, simple and powerful

  • purser

    A lightweight JavaScript library for preserving user data from first website visit to signup.

  • RasterizeBundle

    A bundle to rasterize web pages with PhantomJS for Symfony2

  • symfony2-ansible-deploy

    Deploying Symfony2 applications with Ansible

  • symfony-docs

    The Symfony documentation

  • xsd2php

    Convert XSD into PHP classes

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