Renoir Boulanger

Renoir Boulanger

Montreal, Canada

Developer Operations Engineer, W3C


Renoir Boulanger is a passionate web developer. His current position is Developer operations engineer on the WebPlatform project as a W3C Team Member. Renoir has been building websites and web applications for over fourteen years. His experience also includes server management and he worked for several communications agencies in the province of Quebec.

In addition to having an easily identifiable name on the web, he can be found as @renoirb or

Renoir Boulanger is a member of the community since March 2012.

Projects - 13

  • aggregation-bundle

    A proof of concept of Guzzle consumer Bundle (NOT FINISHED)

  • htmlcsstherightway

    A spinoff on the "the right way" idea to explain the HTML/CSS basics for the self-taught. Idea coming from

  • openssl-formula

    Salt stack states formula to manage SSL certificates (not ready) -

  • php-compat-table-importer

    Migration from a private repository

  • PSSBlogBundle

    (Work in progress, in develop branch) Complete Symfony2 front-end blog bundle using WordPress database model and ability to edit content on WordPress admin.

  • renoirboulanger-static static workspace version using Grunt, RoughDraft.js and automated deployment and minification

  • saltyvagrant-lampstack

    Salt stack provisioned Vagrant Workspace to program in PHP. Objective of this workspace is to provide a quick and easy PHP development environment using same technologies as stack.

  • slides

    My talk slides

  • testing-sandbox

    A practice sandbox on the theme of a billing system. Pushing testing, separation of concerns, and modeling.

  • The-G.O.D-project

    Creating a sociocratie one click at a time :)

  • ubuntu-yadr

    Renoirb's version (ubuntu/php) of YADR (Yet An other Dotfiles Repository), that I propose for Ubuntu systems. Auto installation of dev environement included. -- All the best that yadr provides (vim, git, zsh, irb, ruby) PLUS plus screen, and Ubuntu optimization and auto re-installation scripts for PHP development

  • web4mobile

    Platform Independent Mobile Development with Web Technologies

  • wpd-mockup

    A mockup for an overhauled WPD site software configuration.

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