Attila Bukor

Attila Bukor

Budapest, Hungary



I’m a 23-year old developer, born in the small town of Ipolysag in Slovakia and living in the city of Budapest in Hungary. I’m working at InfoLaverage as a developer.

I’ve been actively using Linux since 2005, developing with PHP since 2001, and with Symfony2 since August 2011 (when I first checked Symfony2, it was called Symfony 2.0-DEV).

I’m a back-end developer, I like to design highly-optimized databases and applications, writing nice and challenging codes, but I don’t like to develop a front-end. I, myself use only 2 apps which I have a graphical user interface: Chromium and PhpStorm – so I just don’t have the fantasy to design nice interfaces. I can provide awesome, optimized business logic with a readable, pretty code, but there has to be someone else who will give it a nice look, which the customers would like.

However, I enjoy sysadmin tasks too – deploying the application to a server, compile, install and configure the programs we need to run the application, like Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL, PHP, Java, ElasticSearch, Postfix and sometimes even BIND :)

In my free time I enjoy parting, networking, having a few beers and whiskeys with my friends and I play bass guitar in a thrash metal band called Reanimated.

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