Pierre du Plessis

Pierre du Plessis

Centurion, South Africa



I am a PHP developer for the last 10 years with extensive knowledge and experience in Symfony

Pierre du Plessis is a member of the community since February 2012.

Projects - 27

  • amend

    A Symfony Console component helper and command set for updating and upgrading applications.

  • apigen

    API documentation generator for PHP 5.3+

  • APYDataGridBundle

    Symfony2 Datagrid Bundle (Sorien DataGridBundle 2.0)

  • assetic

    Asset Management for PHP

  • atom

    The hackable editor

  • BaseCommandBundle

    Swiss-army-knife extension of Symfony’s ContainerAwareCommand that defines common reusable functionality (such as logging) across commands

  • BazingaJsTranslationBundle

    A pretty nice way to expose your Symfony2 translation messages to your client applications.

  • bitbucket-api

    [READ-ONLY] Simple Bitbucket API wrapper for PHP >= 5.3

  • bootstrap

    HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit from Twitter

  • bootstrap-modal

    Extends the default Bootstrap Modal class. Responsive, stackable, ajax and more.

  • box

    📦🚀 Fast, zero config application bundler with PHARs.

  • Cache

    An analysis cache system

  • cakephp

    CakePHP: The Rapid Development Framework for PHP - Official Repository

  • capifony

    Deploying symfony and Symfony2 Applications with Capistrano

  • Carbon

    A simple PHP API extension for DateTime.

  • certificationy

    A Symfony Console tool to train on Symfony Certification

  • composer

    Dependency Manager for PHP

  • Cordova-Sensoromatic

    PhoneGap/Cordova Plugins which I've made

  • core

    The Hypermedia REST API component of API Platform: JSON-LD and Hydra support, works with Symfony too

  • CSBill

    CSBill is an open-source application that allows you to manage clients and contacts and send invoices and quotes.

  • csvfilehandler

    A library that loads and parses a CSV file, returning an object of the file with each CSV line as an object

  • dashboard

    For personal use only

  • DatatablesBundle

    This Bundle integrates the jQuery DataTables plugin into your Symfony2 application.

  • dbal

    Doctrine Database Abstraction Layer

  • homebrew-infection

    Homebrew tap for https://infection.github.io/

  • lodash-php

    Easy to use utility functions for everyday PHP projects. This is a port of the Lodash JS library to PHP

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